Community Outreach

While based in Flint, MI, the Arab American Heritage (AAHC) recognizes that community outreach is a critical part of our mission. As a result, we participate in many community events and partnerships throughout the year. Continue reading to learn more about our community outreach.

Flint Water Crisis Resources

The Flint Water Crisis has impacted tens of thousands of residents within the Flint area. Out of these residents, many individuals do not speak English so there is a need for communication in their preferred language for Flint Water Crisis updates and resources. The AAHC alongside other community organizations strive to fill this role and distribute important resources as well as give updates to as many individuals as possible. Below are some important links for Flint residents affected by the Flint Water Crisis.

In office, the AAHC offers Arabic translations of Flint Water informational guides and alerts.

Advocacy Against ANTI-Arab Discrimination

The AAHC was established to preserve and celebrate the Arab culture. As a result, there are many campaigns established in order to help alleviate the discrimination that most Arabs face each day – whether it be at school, the workplace, or even casual outings in public. It is essential for Arabs to feel safe and empowered by their culture within their everyday lives. Below are some resources for campaigns leading against Arab American discrimination:

National Arab American Service Days

Each year, Arab Americans dedicate a whole day in service to a part of their community that needs assistance. By uniting multiple nonprofits based in Michigan, the AAHC has hosted many service days, helping various communities in need. Specifically, the AAHC has helped beautify Flint through gardening, donated time interacting with children of an orphanage, and partnered with the Flint Food Bank to properly organize and store food for those in need. Our next service day will be May 5th, 2019 and we will be packing and distributing lunches to individuals impacted by poverty and hunger.

Upcoming Community Events

The AAHC and surrounding communities have many events each year. Below is a brief list of upcoming community events:

To see more details on events hosted by the AAHC, click here or go to our “Upcoming Events” page under the “News & Events” tab.

Last Updated: July 27, 2018