The Arab American Heritage Council is dedicated to the betterment of the community and a large part of that mission is partnerships with other local organizations. We partner with community organizations, non-profits, schools and universities, and local businesses. Take a look below at some partnerships we have done in the past!

Taste of Culture

On May 11th, the AAHC participated in the “Taste of Culture” event organized by Communities First. The event was held at the Flint Masonic temple where 250 people attended. Executive Director, Devin Bathish, set up a table where he showcased his Palestinian heritage. He invited attendees to try on a Keffiyeh, as well as learn how to write their names in Arabic.


Speaking at Baker College

On March 28, AAHC Executive Director, Devin Bathish, spoke at Baker College about his family’s story of immigrating to the United States. He also spoke about the diversity of Arab identity in the United States and across the world. Many of the students were amazed at how diverse the Arab world is and how much they learned.

Baker Speaking Event

Unity in Diversity

On February 23rd, the AAHC was honored to be a part of the annual Unity in Diversity event. This event seeks to build bridges of communication, support, & understanding among the diverse cultures, nationalities, races, genders. and religions that make up our community. Executive Director, Devin Bathish, taught the audience about the history of the Dabke and then had everyone participate in the Dabke together.

We are always looking for new partnerships to help foster growth in our community! If you would like to set up a partnership between the AAHC and your organization please fill out our partnership form.
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